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Ekko is a new shared digital photo frame widget
for your iPhone homescreen!

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Your pictures
their homescreen

Ekko is a little portal on your homescreen that your friends can control, so you can enjoy an ever-changing stream of your favourite moments.

Sharing is easy

Post a picture to an ekko stream and it'll be automatically delivered directly to the homescreens of the people who matter to you.

Sharing pictures to from one device to many via ekko

Ekko streams view in the ekko app

A stream for every group

Create private streams with friends, family and loved ones, or just you and a partner.

Comment and Like

Like and comment on your favourite pictures right in the Ekko app!

Commenting and liking pictures in the ekko app

Opening a giftwrap in the ekko app

Little surprises

Gift-wrap pictures so they have to be unwrapped to be seen!

Send a surprise to someone's homescreen today 😉

Start sharing your best moments with Ekko today!

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Ekko requires iOS 14 or above.